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It has become more common to apply for loans online through several banks and lenders for customers with different wishes and needs. It can often be time consuming and difficult to find the best loan deals with the best terms.

DigiFinans.no wishes to ensure that loan takers always receive the most economically beneficial offer - safe and secure! Read more about the service we offer here.

Our partners

Can 400 000 persons be wrong?

Since year 2016 Salus Group, which DigiFinans is part of, has helped 400 000 people in the Nordic region to price-compare and choose the best loan offers from various banks. The search platform is transparent and free of charge. If you receive a loan offer from a bank, it is up to you if you select the offer.

This is the way Digifinans gets compensated

We receive commissions from banks and lenders we cooperate with, if a loan is paid out.

The commission we get is based on the loan amount, and NOT interest rate. This means that we have no interest in you choosing a loan with a higher interest rate.

This business model ensures that Digifinans can be 100% free to use for our website users.

We believe that everyone has the right to full transparency in the loan market. Fill out an online-application and price-compare loan offers yourself. Of course, it is completely free to compare, and completely non-binding if you receive an offer.