User agreement for Digifinans

1. Introductory information

When you use a service offered under the Digifinans brand (on the website, via telephone or in another way), you become a customer of either Sambla  or Sambla Group AB.

  • If you want credit mediation, you become a customer of Sambla Group AS.
  • If you want insurance mediation, you become a customer of Sambla Group AB. Sambla Group AB has a cross-border permit from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to conduct insurance mediation on the Norwegian market.

In the following, “Digifinans” will mean Sambla Group AS or Sambla Group AB, depending on which Service you are interested in.

We offer credit mediation and insurance mediation, together referred to as the “Services”. In Norway, credit mediation is to be considered financial agency activity subject to certain requirements in the Financial Agreements Act, Chapter 6 II. This means that we can arrange loans and insurance for you. When you apply for a loan through Digifinans, you get the opportunity to compare the offers from the lenders we work with. You can find information about which lenders and insurers are our partners on our websites.

By using one of the Services, you agree, for you and your possible co-applicant, that this User Agreement applies between you/you and Sambla. It is therefore important that you read through the User Agreement and make sure that your potential co-applicant also reads and agrees with it.

When you contact us for insurance brokerage, you will receive additional insurance information and insurance terms from us.

2. Our mission

By using the Services, you commission Digifinans to obtain loan offers and/or insurance offers from the lenders and insurers with whom Digifinans cooperates. If you have requested loan mediation, Digifinans gives you the opportunity to compare offers and terms.

You are never bound to accept any of the loan offers or insurance offers you receive. It is always up to you whether you want to enter into a loan or an insurance agreement with a lender or insurer.

We point out that Digifinans can never give any guarantees or promises or undertake any other obligations on behalf of any of our partners. The decision to grant a loan always lies with the relevant partner.

3. Our remuneration

It is free of charge for you to use the Services. If you choose to enter into a loan agreement with one of our partners, we will receive a fee from them for arranging the loan. The remuneration we receive for the mediation may vary depending on which lender you choose.

In connection with insurance mediation, you will receive further information about our remuneration when you receive an offer of insurance.

4. Credit check and collection of information

In connection with you and your possible co-applicant applying for loan mediation with Digifinans, we will carry out a credit check of you and your possible co-applicant via Experian.

We may then, for a limited period and for the same purpose, share this credit information with our business partners. The lenders who participate in the comparison will also carry out a credit check on you. This means that you will receive several duplicate copies from the lenders included in the comparison. Reciprocal letters regarding the collection of credit information are sent to customers in accordance with the Personal Information Regulations and such letters do not imply that the customer will be granted credit. You will also be urged in the letter to correct any errors if the credit information is incorrect. The credit information obtained will only be used by the lenders to assess which loan terms they can offer you.

By providing information about you and your potential co-applicant to Digifinans, you ensure that the information provided is correct and that you have consented to provide the information you provide about your potential co-applicant. You also agree that Digifinans can obtain credit approval (i.e. information that a lender has agreed to offer you a loan) and information about the status of your loan application from the lenders we work with, in order to fulfill our User Agreement with you.

5. Processing of personal data

In our Privacy Policy (which you can find on our website), we explain how Digifinans collects and processes your personal data in connection with the Services and otherwise, and what rights you have in this regard. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, you can contact us at

6. Your responsibility and Digifinans responsibility

Before you request a loan offer via the Services, you, together with your possible co-applicant, are responsible for going through your/their personal finances thoroughly and calculating whether it can withstand the strain of taking out a loan. For example, you can use Finansportalen’s tool, which you can find at, to make a calculation of how much the loan will cost you.

The information you receive from Digifinans is only to be regarded as a proposal. It is up to you to assess and check the information we provide about the offers from our partners before entering into an agreement.

Digifinans does not lend money itself and does not offer any insurance, but only mediates loans and insurances from our partners. Agreements that you enter into with our partners are agreements that apply between you and the lender/insurer. Digifinans is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur when you enter into an agreement or refrain from entering into an agreement with one of our partners.

7. Questions, complaints and disputes

You are welcome to contact the customer service on telephone 33 22 29 70 or via e-mail if you have questions regarding the User Agreement. It is also the customer service you contact if you do not wish to be contacted by Sambla for marketing purposes. Your views are important to us, and if the Services and/or Sambla do not meet your expectations, we would like to know about it.

If, after being in contact with the customer service, you are still not satisfied, you can contact Digifinans complaints officer via e-mail or send a letter to the address given in the section below. In order for us to process your complaint, we ask you to provide the following information when you contact us:

  • Name and contact details
  • The service the complaint applies to
  • Date and time when the problem that caused the complaint occurred
  • Description of the problem
  • Supporting information and/or evidence

We take all complaints seriously and will investigate your complaint quickly and objectively. If, after Sambla has dealt with your complaint, you are still not satisfied with our decision, you can take the matter to court.

You can also turn to the Consumer Council for guidance and advice in loan and insurance matters (read more at

8. Contact information

Sambla Group AS, 917 454 000

Biskop Gunnerus’ gate 14A, 0185 Oslo

Phone number: +47 219 375 68

Email adress:

Sambla Group AB, 556974-8378

Box 5300 102 46 Stockholm

9. Changes

Sambla reserves the right to change and update this User Agreement. The latest version is always published on our website