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Priseksempel på lån: med et lån på 65.000 kr. og tilbakebetalingstid på 5 år, er det månedlige avdraget 1.562 kr. I tillegg kommer ekstra månedsgebyr på 45 kr. i faktureringsgebyr og 950 kr. i etableringsgebyr. Den totale kostnaden for lånet er da 93.730 kr. Den nominelle renten er 13,49 % og den reelle årlige renten er 14,9%. Lånegiverne gjør et lånetilbud basert på et kundespesifikt estimat. Den faktiske årlige rentesatsen som tilbys varierer vanligvis mellom minst 7,4% og maksimalt 33,3%. Låneperioden som tilbys varierer mellom 1-15 år. Lånebeløpene som tilbys er mellom 25.000 kr. - 500.000 kr.

Refinancing - Collect all small, single loans into one.

Refinancing means collecting several loans into one. By refinancing loans, you can save money and have more control over your financial situation. When you convert several loans into one, you will pay only one instalment per month, which means you will save on all the side amounts associated with paying off individual instalments. If you are completing a refinancing application, it is very important that you provide accurate information about your existing debts and indicate which ones you would like to pay back immediately.

It is not always possible to refinance all existing loans. In this situation, it is recommended to allocate the loan to repay at least some of the debt so that refinancing is the most beneficial for you. It is most reasonable to refinance the most expensive and longest loans first. Remember, the longer you pay the sum, the higher the costs you pay for interest and other charges. Then pay the remaining debts if possible.

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It has become more common to apply for loans online through several banks and lenders for customers with different wishes and needs. It can often be time consuming and difficult to find the best loan deals with the best terms.

DigiFinans.no wishes to ensure that loan takers always receive the most economically beneficial offer - safe and secure! Read more about the service we offer here.


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